Friday, January 25, 2008


Grace's preschool photo--taken 2 months ago in November. She looks so grown up I think. In the last year she has matured by leaps and bounds both emotionally and physically. The time goes so seems like yesterday that she was a baby. I often wonder how we got her. I mean how did we get this girl? How was she picked for us? She is the perfect child for us in so many ways--personality(she is so much like me at age 5), temperament, interests. I think of the other 10 children from her travel group and each one is special and an individual and also absolutely perfect for their own families too. You read a lot about the "red thread" to China and it is real and quite strong. It is there for us for Lily too and for all the other families who wait for their children. There are days that I don't know how I can wait any longer for Lily. Somehow I do, and a lot of the reason is that I get great comfort from the fact that she is not ready yet for us. The child for us will come when it's the right time. We are so very blessed, and everyday I thank God for giving us this blessing of our Grace. :)

2 kind words:

Mob said...

what a darling photo, she does look grown up.

Rony said...

She doesn't even look like the same child!!! Gorgeous.

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