Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Misc. Ramblings on a Tuesday

China referrals are coming in this week. Every month when referrals arrive, I look at those beautiful little faces with tears of joy in my eyes. I remember what it was like for us to see Grace's face for the first time. In fact yesterday Grace asked to look at her China photo albums of her adoption and our time there and we both looked at her original referral photos in the little card they came in. That card has been lovingly touched and looked at least a 100 times...more like 100's of times. Those are the things that keep me going through this wait. Those faces and the memory of what it was like to get Grace's referral.

I've been reading a lot about families pulling their dossiers from China because the wait is so long. That makes me sad. Everyone has their particular family and personal situation and they must do what is best for them. It still makes me sad. When we adopted Grace in 2003 I felt that China thought highly of us adoptive parents. I don't feel that way anymore. Dan and I both feel like China doesn't think about any of us waiting parents...in fact they probably would like us to go away. That's okay, I'm not giving up on China or their children. I love China and always will for the gift they gave us.

Dan and I are both in our late 40's and rapidly accelerating to age 50. Sometimes I read that "50 is the new 30!" That's a funny one. MAYBE 50 is the new 40 I suppose. We most likely will be in our early 50's when this adoption happens. That's okay with us, we are comfortable in our own skin. We have the advantage of experience, with some wrinkles thrown in there too. :)

3 kind words:

amy said...

I love to read your posts!!! Thanks for sharing your feelings!!! Glad I stopped by
LID 4/23/07

Ashley said...

Gail, it really is touching, how you share with others, your experiences with Grace. It is so comforting to read. She is so beautiful, and you are such a great mom. I'm glad I'm on this journey with you!
:) Ashley

Angie said...

Thanks for sharing your feelings. It really does help to see your family, hear your experiences and know that this dream will be a reality one day.

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