Thursday, November 8, 2007

DTC anniversary--1 year!

Grace with the dossier right before it was sent to China.

Well I glanced at the date today and realized that exactly 1 year ago Nov. 8, 2006 our dossier was sent to China. And what a year it's been! In some ways fast, in some ways slow. Today is a day to celebrate a milestone though I think. I keep reading that our dossier is supposed to be through being reviewed with CCAA soon and that will be another big milestone too. :)

3 kind words:

Story of our Life said...

One step closer!!
Congrats on getting this far.
Grace's hair is so much longer know. And she looks like such a little lady.

Angie said...

That was our LID!! At this point, every milestone is something to be celebrated. So, CONGRATS!!

Ashley said...

Oh, how did I miss this post?? Congrats, and 1 year LID is right around the corner! I imagine your dossier is getting very close to review!

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