Sunday, November 25, 2007

One of our traditions

We go a little crazy here at's our favorite time of the year. Crazy by we have 2 trees because we have a LOT of ornaments. A long time ago Dan and I decided to collect glass ornaments, so after 18 years of marriage we have quite a few of them. Then we have the family ornaments. You know the handmade ones that your children make for you each year, so we have another tree for those that we go and cut down in December and put up in the family room. I think that ornaments kind of tell the history of your family and every year when I open up the boxes of them, I can remember a little bit about each one. Many of them remind me of people and times in our lives that have come and gone. 2 years ago when Gracie was 3 she and I put up and decorated the glass ornament tree or as Gracie says, "it's the fancy tree Mom." And that it is. So she and I have a tradition every year of decorating this tree ourselves and spending some fun time together talking about the ornaments and what Christmas really is. :)

3 kind words:

Story of our Life said...

I love the slide show!!! Thanks for sharing.

redmaryjanes said...

The blog is just darling! I love it. Happy Holidays to you! We're still in Des Moines and unable to get home. Hopefully our tree will go up sometime this week.

Ashley said...

oh, I love your holiday blog! It has put me in the Christmas spirit! This makes me want to get our tree up! Ornament collecting is a favorite tradition of ours, too. It is so fun to enjoy the memories that accompany each special ornamnet.

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