Sunday, September 9, 2007

Some facts (quirky things) about me

1. I love candles...I mean LOVE. Dan says I have a candle addiction. Maybe I'll count them someday. I love jar candles, pillar candles, votive candles, any candle. They are hidden (uh stored) in cupboards and closets around the house--HEY, I do use them Dan!

2. I love a picked up house. It's certainly not all the time with a 5yr. old, a husband, and a 22yr. old that appears occasionally. Plus a giant dog and a cat. I can't say it's clean too much of the time.

3. I strongly dislike (hate) styrofoam peanuts or styrofoam packing material of any kind that come in boxes. The squeaky, horrible sound makes me cringe, I will doing anything possible not to deal with those packing peanuts.

4. I'm not a clown fan. As a child I was afraid of them, don't know why but I was--there's something creepy about them. I felt this way even before Stephen King's IT came out. My sister used to tease me before we got Grace that I should decorate Grace's room in a "clown theme." Absolutely NOT Betsy!

5. I have an ultra sensitive nose. I can smell stuff--stinky or sweet smelling from far away, and can pick up very subtle scents that most people cannot. I could be one of those sniffer dogs...if I was a dog. I know--kinda weird I guess.

Now you know a few of my quirks, I'm sure Dan could elaborate with some additional ones. If you are reading this feel free to put some of your own down on your blog. :)

6 kind words:

Beckyb said...

Oh yeah - BIG candle lover over here too - my husband thinks I am going to burn the house down!! NOT ME - but hey, it will smell good doing down!! Just kidding!!!

Gail and Dan said...

Hey, I never thought of that one to tell Dan...the house will smell good if it caught on fire. Thanks Becky. :)

Mark & Terri said...

I love candles too, but I have to watch closely with my very experimentative (is that a word?) 5 year old.

Gail and Dan said...

Terri, It's really only in the last year that I've been able to keep a lit candle out on the counter. Grace is the same way as your little guy.

Story of our Life said...

I love candles. However, I never burn them. I stopped buying them not to long ago. Wasted space in my already cluttered home. :)

My mom loves candles and I usually buy her 2-3 min. a year.

Angie said...

OHH...I am NOT a clown person either! They are very spooky to me....and my 7 year old.

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