Sunday, September 23, 2007

My favorite time of year.

Today's the first day of Autumn or Fall as we call it in the U.S. I believe the name "Fall" came from the phrase "fall of the leaves." This is my favorite time of the year with leaves changing color, cooler days and nights, pumpkins, going apple picking and Halloween. Fall also reminds me of the Autumn Moon Festival in China (also called Lantern Festival). When we were in China we were in Guangzhou during that time and it was wonderful. Welcome Fall...I'm so happy you've arrived! :)

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ashley said...

Hi Gail,
your blog looks great! And I agree, fall is such a wonderful time of year.
happy fall!

Story of our Life said...

I agree I love it also!! As I was taking pics of my kids today I thought the same thing. I love the brisk fall air. We were very fortunate today to have the lovely weather we had...weren't we? :) gala

Angie said...

Happy Fall, Gail! It is also my favorite time of year! Now, if it would just start feeling like it here in the deep south, I would be much happier!

Mark & Terri said...

Fall is my favorite season too. I can't wait for the leaves to change.

Ms. Dragonfly said...

I love and adore the fall.
So many things to love, the cool brisk weather, the sweaters and scarves and boots. Back to school, good TV shows. The gorgeous leaves turning and falling. The end of another cycle of life before it regrows. I love it all.

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