Friday, September 14, 2007

Favorite Photo Friday

Guangzhou Sept. 11, 2003

It was 4 years ago that we returned from China with Grace. This is a photo of our travel group--taken at the White Swan the day before we left for home. When we started the process to adopt 6 years ago I really thought that when you adopt you basically get a child and become parents, and I was so wrong. Adoption has been such a gift to us in so many ways. Our travel group is made up of very exceptional people and we consider them all a part of our family. We would do anything for them...they are the best! :)
Oh, Dan, Grace and I are in the upper right back row of the group. Dan has a baseball hat on.

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Story of our Life said...

I love the picture. I picked you out before I got to that part in your post. :)

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