Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yes he is a real person

Here are 2 of my favorites pics-one of Nick and Grace shortly after we got back from China in 2003, the other one taken when he turned 21. He's a great big brother and a great guy in general. For about a year or so when he was 18-19 and Grace was 18mos.-2+yrs. old I thought about writing a book called, "Teenagers and Toddlers, a Mom's Survival Guide." Then add in my own hormonal perimenopausal issues to the mix with me in my mid 40's, there was a lot of fun stuff going on here. Truthfully boys are easy, at least that's my experience. Calm, real and rational. I'm the oldest of 4 kids, 1 sister and 2 brothers. Girls are all about the drama. Hmmm, why did we request a little girl for this 2nd adoption? Oh well too late now to change. :)

2 kind words:

Angie said...


It looks like Nick and Grace have a very sweet relationship! How wonderful!
I think Nick looks like you! You have a beautiful family...I know you are proud.

Gail and Dan said...

Angie, Yes they have a very special relationship. Thank you, we are very proud of them, and love them dearly. :)

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