Saturday, August 18, 2007

School supplies

Yes, it's this momma's favorite time of the year. :) Back to school time. In Wisconsin we go back to school after Labor Day, unlike Indiana where my sister lives and they start school in mid-August. Thursday, son Nick(22yrs.) and daughter Grace(5yrs.) accompanied me to the local Target for some back to school shopping. Nick starts back at college and has just moved into a different apartment that is closer to campus than his previous one. For him we purchased a 6 X 8' rug, ice cube trays, laundry detergent, a few cleaning supplies, a wastebasket and some assorted grocery items he could finagle out of me. Grace got crayons, markers, Elmer's glue, glue sticks and scissors. There were quite a few other college age kids with their parents escorting them through the store and buying new things for their dorm room or apartments. I have to say I was the ONLY one in the store buying for a pre-K student and college student at the same time. There aren't many families that have a 5yr. old and a 22 yr. old, I think we're fortunate to be in that club. :)

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