Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dress up

Anytime Grace is quiet, you know there is trouble brewing. After a few minutes of silence, we went looking for Grace this morning and found her in her closet dressing our kitty...Jack. He had on a pink skirt and little tee shirt that were previously on a doll. Be sure and check out Jack's face in the photo. He wasn't pleased. I remember dressing my cat in a cape when I was little.

3 kind words:

Story of our Life said...


At least they match.

I'll never forget the day my brother cut our kitten's whiskers off. I'll have to share that story with you some time.

Mark & Terri said...

That is so cute! I really enjoy your blog and the adventues of Grace.

Angie said...

How funny! Jack looks none too happy with his new outfit...but he let Grace put it on him! I love the look on Grace's face too...she succeeded!! :)

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