Sunday, May 26, 2013

(Sunday Snapshot) - Spring Recital


"To touch, to move, to inspire.
This is the true gift of dance."
~ Aubrey Lynch

8 months of hard work, practice, practice and more practice to be ready for their Spring Recital.


Every year is different but to me it's always magical
and full of joy and pageantry.
I love every single thing about this little dance community
and school.

Spring Recital 2013 Storyboard

At each Spring recital I'm taken back to when I first met
my two youngest children, and can't help but think of how many obstacles they've overcome.
What never changes is how proud and honored I am to be their Mom.


{Older ballerinas waiting to go on stage}

Grace plans to dance next year, Will is not so sure,
maybe try karate? (that's what he tells me). ;)

Ni Hao Yall

15 kind words:

Kate said... them all of course...but that last photo? Could be a print or a greeting card...LOVE LOVE LOVE the light in that one and processed perfectly. Just gorgeous all around. Thanks for sharing...

Sharon said...

Breathtaking black & whites!

Sophibelle said...

You always take such wonderful photos! Your children are so beautiful and you are great at capturing that. <3

Kelly said...

I agree with Kate. They re all gorgeous but I LOVE the last one.

Love Letters To China said...

Like I mentioned earlier in the week, these photos are just spectacular Gail. So happy you were backstage to capture those special moments that happen behind the scenes.

Hope you're having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


Eva said...

Always so beautiful! And how special that you get to spend time backstage to capture those intimate moments. Even if Will doesn't dance with the studio, I'm sure he will continue to dance and entertain at home!

Molly said...

Beautiful selection of pictures but the last black and white shot is truly stunning


Wanda said...

Always love your dance images Gail - every year! These are again just beautiful - and makes me even more excited for our own recital coming up next week. Both my girls are in it this year. Extra bonus!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Will can't stop. He got the rhythm in him!

These shots are ALL stunning my friend.

With your awesome parenting style assisting these two they can achieve anything!


Jboo said...

Love these!!

likeschocolate said...

Beautiful! How wonderful they are to have a mother who who supports their talents ! Have a great weekend!

Andreea Hellen Red said...

Awesome pictures!Your kids are beautiful!

Hoots Momma said...

Were thinking of trying an adaptive dance class for Libbie. She is dying to dance like her friends! Her therapist at Shriners is an instructor at a special needs dance company... I think it might work for us! I love everything about recitals too. Truly magical!

Ellie said...

Beautiful photos! You capture the beauty of dance so well! I think Will would be great at Karate but boy does he look like he's an amazing dancer! Grace is gorgeous!!

xo ellie

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

You know how I feel about your kids Gail- these are so fun. Love seeing these glimpses into your life.

LOOOOVE the last one- brings back so many memories.

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