Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring in all it's glory

Spring 1
I love flowers and I love to photograph flowers.
The great thing about that is they don't run away or make a face when you attempt a photo.

Glorious Collage

Our Spring is late but I'm not complaining one little bit.
Enjoying it all...

Spring 2

4 kind words:

Natasha said...

Gorgeous! I want a picnic on that bridge, sitting with my feet dangling over the edge!

Nancy said...

I am SOOO moving! The background bokeh bridge is dreamy!

Andreea Hellen Red said...

You are very talented!Love your photos!

Ellie said...


these photos are absolutely stunning! I love all of them - but the bridge one - WOW!! I'm amazed by your talent!!

xo ellie

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