Friday, June 15, 2012

24/52 and Favorite Photo Friday - road trip

{Summer in Wisconsin}

Berry Farm Canoes Diptych

No Wisconsin road trip would be complete without seeing canoes (so many lakes here)
and wildflowers, as we drove to our destination.

Will Grace berry farm 7

One of my goals for the Summer with my kids
is to have them try or experience some new things.

Will Grace berry farm 3

They're experienced travelers. 
Both have traveled with us quite a bit and their passports have gotten a fair bit of use
for people their age.
They've been pumpkin and apple picking, but no strawberry picking.
My last strawberry picking experience was in Northern California many years
ago when my oldest was a little guy.

Will Grace berry farm 6

Thankfully it was pretty cool for this time of the year (in the 70's)
and we didn't have full sun beating down.

Berry Farm Diptych
Both kids hung in there and were troopers.
Grace was totally into it and she was a bit competitive.
I helped Will get his berries.
 I had to explain to him that we only pick the red ones (he was gathering any and all, 
even the green ones at first). 
They were all fair game.  ;)

Will Grace berry farm 5
Will found a heart shaped strawberry and was showing it to his sister.

Will Grace berry farm 4
(These small berries are so sweet, no sugar needed).

You can tell our little adventure was a big success...
I'm thinking blueberries in July when they come into season?

the long road

15 kind words:

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a great strawberry farm!!
I am envious of those super cool carriers that they gave you for your cardboard boxes. We totally struggled with our big clumsy boxes!!

Beautiful photos of your first strawberry pickin' adventure. Will looks like he loves berry as much as Reagan does:)

Enjoy your weekend.



Eva said...

It looks like strawberry picking was a success!

Beautiful photos of a special outting.

Have a great weekend!

Kimberley said...

That looks so fun! Hopefully we will be berry picking in a month or so in Northern Michigan.

Chris said...

Love this!

Everything about the day seemed perfect.

I so enjoy your posts and photos!!! :)

Life with Kaishon said...

I love that you could go strawberry pickin'! How much fun is that? I actually laughed about him picking the green ones too! Also smiled about your little Miss Competitive : ) Love the canoes. Always fun to see what you have been up to!

Jaime said...

What a fun time at the strawberry patch! You have a beautiful family and I love your blog!!!

Love Letters To China said...

These turned out fabulous! Natalie was laughing when she saw the one of Will showing Grace his strawberry he just picked. She said that's just like when we went earlier in the year. Liam also like the one of Will getting ready to eat one of his treasures. :-)

The anticipation is mounting around here.....


Dita said...

Beautiful shots....and the kids are getting SOOOO BIG. Now I'm craving strawberries!!!

Happy Weekend!


Jboo said...

Oh fun -- that's on my list too - -but we had so much rain that am afraid the fields will be muddy -- if there are berries even left by now!

Have a fun weekend!! Happy Father's Day to your sweet hub!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I am making strawberry shortcake for Father's Day but buying the strawberries at the farmers market.

I don't have cute helpers like you!

these photos are stunning! I just love the pic of the canoes! LOVE!

Happy weekend to one of my favourite people!


Kate said...

It looks like a day well spent Gail. I used to pick wild strawberries on my grandparents farm...the little ones are ALWAYS the best!!

Did you make anything with them? I have a great strawberry freezer jam's the only fruit I attempt to do anything with!

You've inspired me to pick some fruit!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Gorgeous day for gorgeous shots!!! Yummy strawberries~ I have a yummy recipe for strawberry bread. I'll share if you want it~ blessings and love! XOXO

Sharon said...

We love strawberry picking and sad we missed it this year. Blackberries and raspberries will be here soon, and then blueberries. Can't wait! I'm so glad your children got to experience it. Were they full on strawberries after? We eat SO MANY when we go!

Kim said...

LOVE the photos.. Love strawberry picking and all the fun things... glad you had a great time..

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

So much fun. I just adore all these wonderful memories you are making with them. Warms my heart & makes me wish we lived closer

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