Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunday Snapshot - the unexpected

{Easter Sunday}
Will Flying 1

Certainly not your standard Easter photos with children
dressed up after a church service and either hunting for eggs
or holding their baskets.

I did take one of those with the camera in my phone,
and intended to take more photos of the kids with their Easter baskets with my
big camera, but that didn't happen.
 Grace and Will wanted to play.
So play they did while we waited for my family arrive 
for Easter dinner yesterday afternoon.

Will Flying 2
(A serious Superman above).

Grace was pushing Superman on the tire swing
and you can tell how he felt about it!

Will Flying 3
Taken with my Nikon d700 (with my favorite lens right now), the 35mm 1.4

Settings were:

f/ 2.8
ISO 320

 (I wanted a fast shutter speed to freeze the movement of the tire swing).

I used Florabella's Classic Color, 1968 and Soft Warmth actions
to edit these.

Ni Hao Yall

14 months ago my husband Dan started looking for a new job
because his company was struggling.
He traveled all over the country to interviews
and there were several 'almost' offers.
We were on a roller coaster and not a fun one.
2 months ago his company shut down without any notice.
No job, no severance...ouch!
So he stepped up his job search and got an offer on Friday!!
It was a wonderful surprise for Easter and honestly I think
we're still on 'cloud 9.'
For now we're staying put and aren't moving but
it's highly likely we will be in a year or two to Northern California. :)

If you know Dan and I well, we are 
soft spoken, low-key people, who love to laugh, and love
our children and family more than life itself.
We have a quiet, but strong faith in God.
God was in the details of all of this, in ways too numerous to count.
My own life lesson from the last 14 months has been to completely trust in Him.

We're praising and thanking God!!!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own
understanding; in all ways acknowledge him,
and he will makes your paths straight."

~ Proverbs 3:5-6

16 kind words:

Love Letters To China said...

Absolutely LOVE the Superman pose. :-)

So excited for you on what the future has to hold. God is good...


p.s. Do I detect a few curls on the first photos of Grace in your header? She looks so grown up and gorgeous. These girls of ours need to slow down...for their mama's sanity at least.

Chris said...

Great shots of your 'superman'!

And congratulations about your husband's job!

I love how God is always working on our behalf. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the job offer! What an answer to prayers!!

I love Will's superman pose!

xoxo Robin

Sharon said...

SuperWill is adorable! I'm so happy for this good news. I hope he loves his new job!

Michelle said...

The pictures are amazing ...and the new job is fantastic news. I am so happy for you and your family. Trusting when times are tough is such a wonderful testament of faith!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Love, these pictures! And I am so, so happy for you guys and I agree perfectly that we need to trust when we can't see his path.

Eva said...

Fun photos!

And so glad to hear about the job offer!!! Awesome news! Praise the Lord!

Yvette said...

Yeah on the job and I LVOE superman - that is awesome!!

Courtney said...

Adorable Easter Pictures! Congratulations on the job, it must be such a relief for your family.

the meaklims said...

Wonderful news about your hubby and so thankful for an ever faithful God. He is faithful to those who trust.

LOVE that first shot. Oh my! You certianly so have a superhero!


likeschocolate said...

Congratulations! I am so glad your husband was able to find a job and that you won't have to move at least for now.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

the BEST news in a long time. As I have told you I admire your strength during this horrible time for you family!

Love these photos Gail. They both look so care free.


Sharon Ankerich said...

Beautiful photos of your beautiful blessings and thank you for the privilege to pray for you all during this difficult time~ I knew His mercies were coming in perfect time~ He makes all things beautiful... Eccl 3:14 Blessings and love!!! XO

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

The super adorable and mighty Will looks like he is ready to conquer the world, which is probably how you and Dan feel right now after receiving such wonderful news!! I could not be happier for your family Gail. I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before he landed the right job. Congratulations!!!

I know you had a wonderful Easter because your minds were finally at peace and not filled with worry and uncertainty. All good things to come for you!

Hope you are having a great week~



Kate said... happy that your husband got a job offer. I am sure that was a huge stress and it is wonderful that it happened Easter weekend.

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

I was so very happy to hear this news Gail. What a beautiful blessing for Easter. He is Risen & with that comes new beginnings. I am keeping your experiences close to heart & remembering that these things happen for better things to come.

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