Friday, April 13, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday and 15/52 - Spring picnic

{Grace and Lydia}
Grace Lydia holding hands
I've written about Grace and Lydia before,
but to refresh your memory these girls first met at age 3 and 4 and
hit it off immediately.
Over 5 years later their friendship is going strong.

This week I had some thoughts about doing a little themed session with them,
so brought a few props along to an orchard that isn't far away.
Grace Lydia Storyboard

Lydia will be turning 9 soon and every year as her birthday approaches,
I take photos of the two girls together.
It's a beautiful keepsake for them and their mommas.
They girls enjoy each other's company so much
 but haven't had the good fortune to be in the same class in school.
That doesn't seem to matter as we live only 2 houses apart and they get to spend lots of time together.
They're best friends, confidants, supreme gigglers, lovers
of sleepovers, American Girl dolls, cupcakes and sweet tea! be 9 again.

Lydia Grace picnic

It was so fun to photograph these 2 on this beautiful Spring afternoon.
The apple blossoms were starting to open on the trees.
I can see where the term 'Spring green' came from, the grass and new leaves are such a vibrant shade 
this time of the year.

Oh, and as far as shooting my first 'themed' session, I was very happy with the results!
(The props weren't purchased for this, I already had the items in my home and thought they fit well with the theme).

Lisa hosts Favorite Photo Friday, so please be sure and see what she's up to...
and all of her beautiful photos.
Have a great weekend!

the long road

20 kind words:

Eva said...


These photos are lovely. How nice of you to capture the girls together. What special keepsakes these annual photos will be for them.

Love Letters To China said...

Beautiful Gail! You really rocked your first in many themed photo sessions. You definitely have an eye for this type of photography. Love how you capture pictures of Grace and Lydia each year. It must be so much fun looking back at how the girls have grown. Looks like spring has definitely sprung in the mid-west!


Michelle R Photography said...

How fun and lovely!! That is awesome that you were able to capture their special friendship in such a fun and colorful way!!

Jboo said...

Love these photos! Such cute and sweet girls!

Hope you have a fun weekend!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

oh my lordie GAIL! These are spectacular! Not to mention the cuteness and connection of these two!

Absolutely amazing! LOVE!


tiarastantrums said...

I ADORE these shots! What a great idea !!! Nurture this friendship!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh! The girls are just SO cute. I love your themed session. I can't believe how much the Grace is growing! You totally and completely rocked it out of the park! Wishing you the very happiest weekend! Love, Becky

Kim said...

LOVE the photos.. they are toooo cute... Great Friendships are hard to find... and they will have each other forever.... Hugz..

KandK said...

Hi Gail,
Grace and Lydia are so adorable together! You captured their special friendship so beautifully:) These photo's are so gorgeous!!! LOVE everything about them!
God Bless,

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

For fun!! Isn't it great when they find that one perfect fit of a friend. Melts my heart. Gorgeous pictures!

Teri said...

Beautiful! Love how it shows their friendship!

the meaklims said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, awesome. What a backdrop! You set this up so beautiful Gail!


Jaymi said...

this is such a great session!! The photography is beautiful! I'm so glad I found your blog, I'm off to explore it now!

Debbie said...

Love the story your photos tell, so special!

Courtney said...

What a wonderful session. It is always a blessing to have a wonderful friend. Hopefully their friendship lasts a lifetime.

Tammi said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Buckeroomama said...

How magical! I'm referring both to your pics, as well as to how this experience must be for the girls. :)

Sharon Ankerich said...

WOW~ is all I can say~ LOVE every single photo and such beautiful color. The girls are SO precious!!! Nothing sweeter than friendship. Thankful the girls have each other!!! You rocked this themed session. Blessings and love XOXOXOXOXO

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

This warms my heart Gail. How sweet that Grace has a friend like that. My daughters have each other but no close friends like this. These shots came out beautiful. They will cherish them when they are grown.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

JUST BEAUTIFUL GAIL!!! I love the colors and the props..... but most of all I love the story they tell. Two beautiful girls.... friends forever!!!

Hope you have a wonderful week~



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