Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Nutcracker Diptych 2
(My sister and I had similar jewelry boxes with a twirling ballerina when we were little.)

It's a tradition that dates back to when my oldest son
was a little guy and we'd see the Nutcracker in
the San Francisco bay area and later in Chicago.
And yes he dressed up and looked adorable!

Nutcracker 3

Grace and I have made it our little tradition since she was 5.
She chose the dress all by herself, and it's very 'Grace.'

Nutcracker 4

Each year before we leave for the Nutcracker,
I take her picture in front of our Christmas tree.
This year I tried something different and captured Grace in her room
with one of her favorite dolls.

Nutcracker Diptych 1
(I gave her a ballerina and nutcracker ornament to remember this special afternoon.)

Nutcracker 9

At the age where her favorite things are Barbies, American Girl Dolls,
playing with dear friends,
her ipod touch and listening toTaylor Swift,
I'd like time to stop for a very long while.
I relish these days with my daughter.

Nutcracker 6
A moment in time captured of my little girl who is 9.

Merry Christmas.
I have one or two more posts this week.

15 kind words:

Stefanie said...

Just beautiful.
And what a lovely tradition, too!
P.S. Had the same ballerina jewelry box myself :)

Jill Samter Photography said...

I love this post each year! I had the same jewelry box too! :-D I was a ballerina until almost 17 yrs old.

She is absolutely stunning and I love her taste! I am sure your time will be a cherished memory for years to come!


Missy said...

Oh Gail, I am speechless! The way you capture Grace chokes me up every single time. I feel the love behind each and every image. She is simply stunning and well, graceful. I hope you two had a special afternoon together. BEAUTIFUL photos and girl! xo

Sharon Ankerich said...

Gorgeous lighting!!! Beautiful dress and most of all beautiful Grace~ LOVE every single image. Beauty in and out!!! blessings and love this Christmas season!!! XOXO

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

I love this idea...I wish we had those opportunities around here, love traditions. These pictures are just gorgeous as always & what a fun room she has too!

Sharon said...

absolutely breathtaking...and i just pinned that one of hands to baileys pintrest spot without having any idea it was your's ...gail, you are beyond amazing...

Debbie said...

Love this post. Grace is so beautiful and your photos are gorgeous. Sounds like you had a day full of wonderful memories.

Love Letters To China said...

You once again have taken my breath away. Grace looks so beautiful in these pictures Gail. You really did capture her beauty in each and every one. Love the one of her hands resting on her lap.

Looks like a bunch of us had that same jewelry box with the ballerina that spinned. It was always a favorite of mine too.


Jboo said...

Loved these photos and your special tradition -- sweet!


Hoots Momma said...

Beautiful I love the colors. she is such a beautiful child. We love the nutcracker too. Hoot has gone since he was three and has loved it every year. We missed it this year due to libbie's surgery, but we'll go next year as a family. Merry Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful day. SAL

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

love the dress. LOVE!

she is a beauty!


Sharon said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Truly Blessed said...

Beautiful. Everything is simply beautiful. Grace especially.

We have the same tradition each Christmas and dress up to go and see the Nutcracker here. Each year the girls get to pick out an ornament (always a ballerina!) for the tree. I look forward to continuing this tradition for many, many years to come.

Have a wonderful, Merry Christmas, my friend. I hope we both get some SNOW this week!

Kim said...

I have always said.. she takes my breath away...
You are blessed..
Love you girly..

Gina Kleinworth said...

Absolutely in awe of her beauty- These are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I agree with Missy- I have to catch my breath when I see these because they are stunning

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