Monday, June 20, 2011

25/52 - farmers' market

Market college

Saturday we got up bright and early and spent a little of our morning at the Dane
County Farmers' Market.
It's the largest producer-only Farmers' market in the country.
The grounds around the State Capital are a perfect setting.

I know that for my 52 project, I've tried to stick to 1-2 pictures but I couldn't choose one.
The variety of textures and many colors of the fruits, vegetables and flowers were
truly a feast for the eyes.
We bought strawberries, asparagus, bread, bagels, lettuce, kosher dill pickles, popcorn and flowers.
Oh...and cheese of course! We do live in Wisconsin.
I first became familiar with the market when my brother was in college here.

(Will is eating a rainbow sugar cookie below.)
25/ 52 - farmer's market

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Debbie said...

Fabulous photos, Gail! Looks like a fun place to visit and a great place for photos!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Everything looks SO DELICIOUS...... I love all the colors and lines! What a fun place to visit, shop, and of course....take pictures!

The kids look as they have really grown!! Will looks really tall and Grace's hair is getting so long. They are so cute.

Beautiful photos Gail!

I am running out the door for work..... but saw this pop up and had to quickly comment. I will be back....still have not made the rounds from BW Wednesday yet:)

Have a great Monday~



Football and Fried Rice said...

Now Im hungry! For me, I think the Farmer's Market is another way that God shows how much he loves us :) I LOVE all the variety and fresh, yummy things. (well, and sometimes, if you are really lucky, you can find fried corn on the cob!) ha!

Love Letters To China said...

Yum! Everything looks so delicious. Will looks so grown up with his shorter hair cut. L. just went yesterday and got his cut short too.

Is it Fall yet? :-)


Jill Samter Photography said...

Gail - I know I say this every time I visit - but your photography is so beautiful! Love it!

Love your new watermark/logo! Fits your style perfectly!

Hugs and love - so glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

Jboo said...

Oooh -- so pretty -- what a great Farmer's Market! Have not gotten to our local one yet -- shame on me!

Oh and peonies -- your's had peonies! So lucky!

Love your photos!


Sharon said...

These are gorgeous! Our Farmers' Market is the highlight of every Sunday, Mother's Day Weekend through November.

the meaklims said...

Mmm. My mouth is watering!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

wow, Gail, so pretty. I wish I lived close and I could with you!


ps. I love Grace's hair. It is adorable. they both such beauties!

Scott and Sharon Ankerich said...

Such beauty captured! The most beautiful? Grace and Will!!! Such precious blessings!!!

Buckeroomama said...

I could browse at Farmers' Markets all day! Fantastic photos (as usual)! :)

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