Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Man on Campus

He's disarmingly handsome...
Will jacket 2

...popular, and quite the 'ladies man.'
(with the 4 and under crowd)

Will jacket 1

Is a fabulous dancer and loves a great par-tay!

Will jacket 3

He's hilariously funny and will most likely be the class clown.

Will jacket 4

Who am I kidding, he IS the class clown right now in preschool. ;)

Will jacket 5

And here he comes Class of 2024!

Will jacket 6

These were taken at the Red Gym on the University of Wisconsin campus on Friday.

19 kind words:

Terri said...

Your blog looks fabulous! And the pictures of your little ladies man...gorgeous! You can tell he has a great personality in all of his pictures!!!!

Wanda said...

We can see that "can't hold me down" look in Will's eyes. World - look out!

Great pictures of your little man. Love the setting too.

Hope your week is wonderful!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Wow, what a nice way to start my day off! He is just precious. Really and truly. I don't know how you keep from squeezing him all the time.


Michelle@BornInOurHearts said...

Absolutely adorable!! He and Mia would get along so great. They have so much in common. I hope we get to test that theory some day. ;)

Jboo said...

Oh my word -- he is so adorable! Great way to start my Monday seeing his cute little face! Hope you have a great week!


Robin said...

What a handsome little guy, Gail! Love the last picture & the sparkle in this eyes. You can tell he is full of personality! Enjoy your Monday!


Faith Hope Love Photography said...

What a stud!! He reminds me of a high school stud:) He definately will be a heart breaker when he gets older! Love your location...

Kayce said...

LOVE the new look! :)

Your boy is just adorable and reminds me so much of my Jacob at his age...just full of fun and lots of love! Enjoy the day!

Laura L. said...

Too cute. Little big man on campus. ;) He looks so cute in his jacket. Great photos.
He must be a constant source of joy.

Class clown...Oh boy. I know how that is. Ours is all grown up now. I hope he's not clowning too much at college.

Love Letters To China said...

You have such a handsome little boy on your hands. I see the same "sparkle" in his eyes that I notice in Liam's. What a cutie!

Colleen said...

I love these pictures of your little guy Gail!!! He is getting so big and is just the cutest!

Kelly And Allison said...

So wonderfully adorable! Love the pictures and love your handsome boy!

Becky said...

What a handsome guy you have!! I hope his teachers are ready for your class clown!

redmaryjanes said...

Handsome Handsome!

Kim said...

Love the photos..
I don't know how you do it every day..
Will looks like PURE JOY and so does Grace..
Makes me smile no matter what..

China Dreams said...

Are you sure it's just the four and under crowd that he wows? Seems to be quite the charmer, so I'll bet that there are some older hearts he captures as well :-)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I tell ya... he is so gorgeous... my Shauna just may take a fancy to him :)

Ellie said...

what an adorable imp. c.u.t.e. and yes, handsome :) he sounds like the perfect hubby for Tia . . .

I love this location!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

This post makes me smile!!! He has such a big personality....and is just so darn cute:)

I love the photo of him dancing in front of the door..... I think he and Miss Sarah would get a long very well.

Hope you are having a great week~



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