Wednesday, July 7, 2010

black and white Wednesday ~ my daughter

'From a little girl so very small, how and when did you get so tall?' ~ unknown

In less than one month she'll be 8 years old. We're planning her party which will happen in mid to late August because we'll be gone on vacation on her actual birthday.
Grace has this sparkly crown that she adores and wears around the house often. I recently did a series of pictures with her wearing it and will be using a few of them
on her birthday party invitation.
This image is one from that session a few days ago, she was taking a little break, sitting down and thinking...what of... I don't know. What do almost 8 year old little girls think about... friends, reading favorite books, going to the beach soon, drawing, lip gloss(she's into lip gloss right now), music, her favorite stuffed animals and American Girl dolls.
When I see how grown up she looks here, I think gosh this time goes so fast with our children, and I'm trying to cherish every single moment. She looks like such a little lady to me sitting on the step with her ankles crossed. And I couldn't possibly love her more than I do right now. :)


My black and white for Lisa's Black and White Wednesday was processed with Florabella's Bl/white Truffle action.

Please check out more images from some very talented photographers here.

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Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I cannot believe she is going to be 8 years old!! She actually looks so much more mature in her photos, but I know she is a sweet and innocent litte girl at heart. Her beauty is just mesmerizing........and it radiates from the inside out!!

Gorgeous photo of Miss Grace!! I love both the color and black and white. Both so soft and pretty!

Great to have you back on have been missed:)

Enjoy your day~



Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I think she is a beauty, you know that.

Love the B & W picture.

And, I sure wish I was getting an invitation.

Have a fabulous Wednesday.


Karen said...

...lovely~just oh-so-amazingly-lovely! (Both of the photos)~ and my, Grace looks grown-up in these~almost 8 seems impossible.
Enjoy your week!

Jo said...

Beautiful photos of your daughter!

They do grow up all too quickly ~ you've captured a beautiful moment.

If I had a sparkly crown I'd certainly wear it every chance that came my way as well ;)


Life with Kaishon said...

She looks regal. And you are right, so grown up. It is hard to believe she is just going to be 8. She is very adorable. I am so thankful you get to be her Mommy : ) and you get to practice taking pictures on her. What a doll!

redmaryjanes said...

Such a beautiful post from a mother's heart.
It is such a privilege to raise our children.

Love Letters To China said...

She is so beautiful! You really captured her essence in this photo. I've been feeling the same way about my little girl. Why are they growing up so quickly? Don't they realize they need to slow down for their mommies sake?

So happy to see you posting again on b&w Wednesday.



Laura L. said...

She is just beautiful. :) Lovely photos.

Happy 8th birthday to your sweetie. Have a great celebration.

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful little girl. I love her wardrobe in this photo. Great capture

Nancy E said...

Wonderful photo! She is so beautiful. My boy is 8 going to be 9 in October. They grow up so fast I love taking lots of photos of him! :)

Just a beautiful shot - thank you for sharing.

from b/w weds.

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

I can not say it enough how stunning she is, love this photo!! I have been out of the blog world lately, busy busy. Nice catching up on your blog!!!

Christy said...

oh my gosh, what an absolutely beautiful photograph!

Missy said...

Miss Grace is the most elegant little 8 year old I have ever seen. She is so beautiful! I love the look of wonder in her eyes!!! Beautifully composed and processed.

Lisa said...

Beautiful picture!!! Both of them!

She looks so grown up. Happy Birthday to Grace with the beautiful face.

Lori Lynn said...

She looks so regal and mature! The pose and expression are fantastic! I love the crown and pearls.

Wanda said...

Honestly Gail - how can you stand it - she is just so beautiful and regal looking. She looks so royal sitting like a perfect lady. This is great shot of your almost 8 year old!

Yikes - that's scary 'cause it's getting close to 10 now. I'm about 7 months behind you but I think about it alot. (And sometimes I just want my baby back - and wonder who this mature thing is?)

Does Grace dance ballet? She has the stature for it. What a beautiful neck. Gee, sorry - now I'm gushing.

Happy Wednesday!

Terri said...

What a beautiful little lady she is! She could be a professional model for sure!

I also think she would make a wonderful ballet dancer!

Neil, Carol & Liana (Elvis too!) said...

beautiful photo, you captured her perfectly! "A photo - good, bad, or out of focus - stops a moment from slipping away."

We are in birthday prep mode here too, L will turn 7 on 7/22 - the tooth fairy recently brought lip gloss and she too has a new passion!

always enjoy your photos, you have such a good eye :-)


Ellie said...

oh she does look so grown up (and beautiful :) good on ye' that you are enjoying every moment. My little girl (my bigger little girl that is) is 12! now how does that happen?? I always love your posts, you inspire me.

Kim said...

Love it..
You know what I think of Grace..
Makes me smile ..
Have a great week.
love ya.. said...

She looks like such a young lady in these pics! I can't believe she's only 8! She has a very mature presence about her in these pictures. Love it!

EB said...

What a beautiful shot of a stunning girl! She looks really royal.

Erika B

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