Sunday, May 23, 2010


Superman(wearing swim goggles of course) AKA William, or Will or Spiderman or Batman these days...depending on what mood he is in. He is my little super hero and cracks us all up with his vivid imagination. 2 years ago we saw his picture for the first time in his file. We asked to adopt him and China agreed. Things went so fast after that and we were in China in less than 2 months. I've been missing China a lot lately. For both of our adoptions we traveled in hot and humid Summer months and I'm reminded of it right now. China is the kind of place that you visit and can never get out of your head...whether it is a smell, the heat, or a sound that triggers a memory. The last 2 years have been amazing and Will is truly a gift to our family.

On a very different note, I'll be leaving town tomorrow for a photography workshop in Michigan taught by the extremely talented Amy Wenzel. I hope to learn a lot and will be meeting some blog friends (some for the first time) and new photography ones too. Thank you Dan for holding down the fort while I'm gone! Have a wonderful week. :)

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Kim said...

Happy 2 years my friend.. Will is sooo handsome and is a blessing..
You have a wonderful family..
Love you BIG..
Have fun in MI.. I wish I was there to chat with you wonderful ladies..

Debbie said...

love your pictures of Will in his goggles! so cute!

Love Letters To China said...

Will is adorable in his goggles. My little boy loves to pretend to be a superhero too. Lately he's been leaning toward Superman and Buzz Lightyear (does he count as a superhero?).

Can't wait to meet you tomorrow night!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Look at that cutie!!! Yes thank you Dan for holding down the fort...I promise to return Gail in the same condition I got her : P

Terri said...

Love the pictures! A cutie like no other!
How exciting about your trip! Your already so talented and I cant wait to see what you learn!

Kayce said...

I have run into 4 spidermen in the last 3 days...there must be something in the milk! One of the boys wouldn't even talk to me until I told him which super hero I was...I told him I was Wonder Woman.

Have fun at your workshop and meeting up with friends!

fleur de lis cottage said...!! He is so cute in his goggles. Definitely brought a smile to my face :)

Karen said...

ohmygoodness! LOVE these!
Hope you have a great time at your workshop-hard to believe you are not leading/hosting one yourself! :)

Casey said...

Always a cutie!! Love the colors!

Have a great time at your workshop!! How fun!

Dita said...

William the GREAT.....he is growing before our eyes.
Love the colors in this one. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary with Will..he's come a long way!

Heard you gals were going to the workshop...I am anxious to see all the wonderful tricks you all come back with.

Have fun with everyone!

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