Monday, April 13, 2009's Disney Part Deux

Will with his Mickey one got anywhere near him when he had it in his mouth. He kept saying....mine!

And his post sucker face.

One of the palm trees near our hotel, the Disney Yacht Club. A happy Will with a red mickey balloon. And the 2 of them walking down the pier to a lighthouse.

Will playing in the sand, Grace talking on the phone in Epcot, Grace sittin' pretty in the sand and me with the 2 of them at Mickey's House in the Magic Kingdom.

And this was one of my favorites...Dan in front of me with Will in the stroller and Grace happily jumping. We were walking back to our resort after a long day.

19 kind words:

RamblingMother said...

still jumping after a long day at disney? must me from pure exhaustion ::snort::

Amy in Arizona said...

What a fun week!! I loved all your pictures and can't wait to see more!!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the photos..
Looks soooo AMAZING..
I get more and more excited as I see your photos..
Have a great day..

Lea said...

It looks pretty fine! I also love that picture of the kids on the bridge. Great photography!

But, that one of Dan and the kids tells it all!


PS. Love your hoodie!

Gail said...

The Yacht Club looks beautiful!
I can only dream about staying there!

Love all the pics. Please post more.
Never tire of Disney and kids!!

Julia said...

Great photos - I LOVE the last jumping one, that just sums up Disney from a kids perspective best!

Jill said...

My favorite is the one of the 2 of them walking down the pier holding hands...such an AWE moment!!
Hope you guys are having a ball!!!
Hugs, Jill

Marla said...

These are so awesome, I'm totally ready to book a trip! :) Have a great week!

kris said...

glad you guys are having so much fun in "my" town :O) love all the pics!!

Courtney said...

Great pictures. Looks like lots of fun!

Laura L. said...

I might not have wanted to share my sucker either, if I was Will. :) Looks like you've all had so much fun.
Wonderful photos!

a Tonggu Momma said...

So, so glad y'all are having such a fun week away!!!

Felicia said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation and I too love the last picture.

Michelle said...

Such wonderful memories!! I am a sucker for pics like the one on the pier, with the two of them walking away. It's my favorite!

Margaret M said...

I have so enjoyed catching up on your blog and have LOVED all of your Disney pics. The one of Will, Grace and Dad is just so precious! I hope you share many more pictures!

Casey said...

It looks like such a fun time!! LOVE the pictures!! I really need to learn how to do the collage look... so cute!

Colleen said...

What great photos!! I love the last one too.

Jboo said...

Love your photos and especially the one of Grace jumping next to her Dad -- that is the sweetest!! And wow -- how did you manage to get in a picture?? I don't think I got in a single one.

It is beautiful around Yacht Club and the Boardwalk. We loved walking to Epcot -- my fave park! Am drinking lots of coffee today to get going. Hope the suitcases unpack themselves while I'm at work today!. Can't wait to see more photos!


Dita said...

Amazing photos, as usual, Gail! I adore the one with Will and Grace walking down the dock!

Looks like you all had a great time!

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