Monday, October 8, 2007

Girly girl

Today after I picked up Miss Grace from preschool she said to me, "Mommy can I have one of your credit cards?" I said, "Uhh...Grace what would you do with a credit card?" She replied, " I'd go to the bank and get some money...then go to the store and buy some new purses and maybe a new pair of shoes Mom." If Dan had heard this conversation he would have only one word to say, and that word would be "frightening." Anyway I gave her my plastic grocery store card ( it does look like a credit card) and she promptly put it in one of her little purses and pretended to go shopping. She's an "accessory girl" just like her momma. :) Never thought I'd get a girly girl... but I did.

3 kind words:

Angie said...

Oh cute!!! She wanted to buy shoes with her plastic...a girl after my own heart! I've never thought I would have a girly girl either but I am so looking forward to those days!!

Story of our Life said...

How cute!!! Tell Grace I said she is tooo cute!! Maybe we can go look for some of those accessories on Friday? Just kidding!! I'll have to tell you our "got your checkbook" story sometime. :)

Mark & Terri said...

So cute! I saved the fake cc that comes glued to the cc offers in the mail and gave them to my boys. They sometimes play grocery store with them. Can't wait until they are used to "buy" girly stuff by our very own little girl.

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