Sunday, October 28, 2007

11 months!

Well today our dossier has been in China 11 months. In many ways the last 11 months have gone quickly. I'm at a different phase with the wait now...kind of a "zen" phase. At least lately that's where I've been with it and I know that can certainly change day to day and week to week. A week ago Thursday Dan and I met with our social worker from our agency (I asked for a meeting) and we had a little talk. We talked about other options we had, as far as adopting from different countries and surprisingly we DO have other options...but we both have so much invested in China and really don't want to change and aren't. So we are in the big long line to China, or as I call it "the slow boat to China." I've said this many times and I'll say it again...I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my yahoo groups, RQ Nov. group, my fellow blogging buddies, Grace's travel group, close friends and our church to support us. We are all in this together and I thank you all so much for it. Everyday that passes, we get closer to our children in China. :)

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ashley said...

Happy 11 months!! It is a long road, but we will get there. Can you just imagine how joyous that day will be?
You're blog is such a beautiful place to visit.

ashley said...

oops! typo...."your" blog is such a beautiful place to visit.

Gail and Dan said...

We WILL get there Ashley, and it is worth the wait...believe me.

Angie said...

Happy 11 Months!!! Each and everyday brings us closer to our babies.
Waiting, hoping, praying and believing with you.

Brandi said...

Happy 11 months! will definitely be worth the wait!

(P.S. I agree with're blog is wonderful!)

Laura said...

Happy 11 month LID-iversary!! I agree - where would be be without all our groups and friends?! It helps to know we're not alone in the long wait.

LID 11/22/06

redmaryjanes said...

Congratulations on being 11 months closer!

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