Sunday, January 5, 2014

Making the Best of It (Sunday Snapshot)

As the Upper Midwest is just about to turn into the North Pole temperature wise.
We are staying inside our warm and toasty home.
School is cancelled tomorrow and probably will be Tuesday.
When Dan and I were young and couldn't go outside because it was too cold,
we played board games, cards, read books, did crafts, and teased our siblings.
(And who said swinging was just for Summer?) 
Tomorrow we plan on baking cookies, maybe do some crafts with Grace,
and I'm sure there will be some playing on ipods and the Wii.
These (obviously) were taken when it wasn't 50 degrees below zero
like it will be tomorrow.
Please stay safe everyone!
Ni Hao Yall

6 kind words:

Courtney said...

We are waiting on that crazy cold to get here! So far they haven't cancelled school but I have my doubts that we will go tomorrow. Beautiful snow pictures.

Jboo said...

No school here either tomorrow! It's "too cool for school!" Like Artic cold! Brrrr! Great photos!

RaD said...

Oh my! That cold! It's comments like that, that make me thankful not to live near the snow.

But alas, it's pictures that you posted that make me wish for it, especially for my kiddos.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

What a beautiful day!

Eva said...

What a fun time Grace and Will had before the arctic blast. Beautiful fun! Hope ya'll stayed warm and enjoyed your time indoors.

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

I'm happy to see you have been enjoying it. But I have been worried about you in these sub-zero temps. Warm Hugs!!!

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