Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!


Xin Nian Kuai Le!
Wishing you health, prosperity and happiness in this year of the snake!

Since Grace was a teeny tiny girl, we have made it a tradition to celebrate
and welcome Chinese New Year (also known as the Spring festival).
I have snapshots of her with her travel group sisters at age 17 mos.
Photos of her at age 3 in a restaurant in Chicago next to a lion dancer.
She was a little bit afraid of that big lion head, as I remember.
 After we moved from the Chicago area up to Wisconsin
we've found more ways to welcome Chinese New Year.

CNY Grace diptych
 This weekend we spent much of our Saturday with
our local Madison FCC group at their Chinese New Year celebration.
We enjoyed singing performances by Madison's International School,
Kung Fu (Grace and Will's favorite), and watched several Chinese dance groups.

We ended the day with dinner at our favorite restaurant and
spent time with the owners...
Will's unofficial Chinese 'Grandparents' who
come from the same city and province (Fuzhou in Fujian Province)
that Will was born.
They adore our little boy and give him little gifts and big
hugs everytime they see him.
It's wonderful for Will to have this connection.
Grace too...they always include her.
 Will was not so much for individual photos so I was lucky to get this one of him
with Grace.

4 kind words:

likeschocolate said...

These photos are beautiful! sounds like a fun weekend!

Mother's Heart said...

She is breathtaking. We love CNY!

Cheryl said...

These photos are beautiful. I love the magic in their eyes!

Shay Ankerich said...

Beautiful!!! Happy CNY to you all!!! XOXO

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