Sunday, February 13, 2011

joy of love (their eyes and routines)

their eyes

Day 12 for the joy of love is 'eyes.'
They both have very dark brown eyes that reflect the light beautifully.
Our eyes are the mirrors to our souls and I couldn't agree more.
In Grace's I see happiness, peace and a bit of wisdom thrown in for good measure.
Will's sparkle with fun, some mischief and and a whole lot of intelligence.

sleeping - routines

And for day 13 the assignment was 'routines.'
The routines of our daily lives.
I chose sleeping...
taken 2 nights ago of Will, he fell fast asleep on the family room sofa
right before bedtime.
At 5 he sucks his left hand finger before he falls asleep.
He must have one of his blankies nearby (that's one next to his face)
I think that's adorable.
Will plays hard most of the day and sleeps deeply all night.
He's got to recharge those batteries for the next day! ;)

joy of love

joy of love - days 12 and 13

15 kind words:

Jill - FNA Photography said...

absolutely beautiful photos gail!

love the shot of will napping!

how cute!

xoxo have a blessed week!

China Dreams said...

They're both beautiful-amazing how two eyes of the same color can be so different!


Barbara Palmisano said...

lovely! great images!

Love Letters To China said...

I love these Gail! They have such deep, dark soulful eyes. I have the same dark brown eyes as Liam and Natalie. When I was young kids used to tease me of not having pupils because they were so dark. I, on the other hand, tell my kids they have eyes the color of melted chocolate. Good enough to eat! :-)

Will looks so peaceful while he sleeps. I love how you captured him with his blanket. I have so many of Liam with Tyler. I think it's the best to have something to cuddle while you're asleep.

Enjoy your Sunday evening. I haven't even thought of my "routine" photo for today. Haven't even lifted my camera off the counter.


Love Letters To China said...

I just had to comment on how beautiful Grace's teeth look. You might just get away with no braces. I was hoping the same for Natalie. Her teeth look beautiful too, but she will probably need a retainer of some sort to straighten out her over bite. She's never sucked her thumb or pacifier so I guess it's just something in the gene pool.

Michelle R Photography said...

What beautiful eyes!! I love capturing kids as they are sleeping. Such a precious innocence about them. So cute!!

Kim said...

2 beautiful sets of eyes and an adorable sleeping boy!!!


the meaklims said...

Oh beautiful! Their eyes are so different, yet so beautiful.

And that shot of Will napping is so darn sweet! Lilah sleeps hard too, plays hard and sleeps hard! ...just like Will!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh their eyes are so beautiful! I love the side by side comparison...... so different but both so captivating!

How sweet is that shot of Will sleeping! Precious~

Have a great week and a Happy Valentine's Day.



Sharon Ankerich said...

I LOVE your two photos of Grace and Will~ they are both so precious!!! Such beautiful eyes that just draw you in... to God and back. :) The girls and I have a game we play about how much we love each other... the biggest is to God and back. :) The photo of Will is just precious~ beautiful eye lashes~ Rosie used to suck her two middle fingers when she was little. :) So sweet!!!
Blessings and Joy~ Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Shonni said...

That picture of Will sleeping is one of the most precious I have ever seen!!!!
Thank you for sharing!!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

such beautiful eyes set in such perfect little faces.

And, I bet when William falls asleep on the sofa you can't help but smile at that cute face. So sweet with the fingers and the blankie.


The Sanders Family said...

Goodness, they are both so very beautiful children! Lovely, Gail!

Casey said...

How sweet!!! Love the sleeping pic of Will.

Lorri said...

Wow! They are both BEAUTIFUL! So glad I found your blog!

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