Thursday, October 21, 2010

Field Trip

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I've been on a little break from blogging, mostly due to the fact that this is
the busy season for my little photography business.
I've been taking pictures on weekends of families.
Everyone is getting ready for the upcoming holidays and planning
ahead with pictures for cards and gifts.
I've been swamped with post processing and have been catching up on that lately for clients.
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But this morning I took a break and went along on a field trip with
Will's preschool (there were about 3 classes).
We traveled about half an hour away to a local pumpkin farm.

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October is my favorite month and this year has been an outstanding one.
Some years our Falls can be rainy and cold, but ours has been lovely.
We've had many days with azure blue skies and crisp air to enjoy.

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Today the kids (and moms and dads that went along) had a great time.
Will and his friends slid down a giant slide, climbed up hay bales, rode trikes
and had yummy warm doughnuts with apple cider.

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We took hay wagons out to the pumpkin fields (and there were quite a few).
They each got to pick one but had to be able to carry it themselves. 
Will told me, "I don't want a pumpkin with dirt on it, I'd like a clean one please."
I explained that all the pumpkins in the field had dirt on them,
 because they've been growing in the field and we could wash it when we got home.
And he did end up finding the 'perfect' pumpkin. :)
The little girl in the pink jacket is Emma, who is Will's very good friend (AKA his girlfriend).
They're adorable together!

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Hard to believe that October is more than halfway over, we are almost to Halloween.
I love that I could spend part of the day with Will and his class.

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11 kind words:

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

LOL look at him with his girlfriend LOL so cute LOL

China Dreams said...

Looks like you had perfect weather. Will is such a handsome little guy :-)

Love Letters To China said...

Oh what fun you must have had with the kids at the pumpkin patch! Will looks so adorable with his "girlfriend". :-)

It was so nice catching up yesterday. We definitely need to do it more often. I'll be sending out "Flat Susie" (yes she decided to use a girl ;-) instead) in the coming week. Keep your eyes out for her.


Wanda said...

Oh, great field trip. Aren't they fun!!! Your sweet little man looks awfully cute there. Loved all the pics with his face in them but the last shot with just the one pumpkin in focus is stunning. Love it!!

Good luck with all your work and catching up.


Laurie said...

He is soooo cute! That's it. Just had to say it. SO cute!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

glad you took the day to enjoy that little cutie with his little friend.


Jboo said...

What a fun field trip!! Will looks so cute with his girlfriend! So cute! Hope you have a great weekend!


Terri said...

What a little sweetie with his girl friend! You can tell he knows he looks good for his little lady! =)

great, fun pictures of the day you all had. The last pumpkin pictures is my fave!

Have a great weekend!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Ohhh, that last photo has some beautiful bokeh. Youy Will is going to be a heartbreaker...I can totally see it!

And I can't wait for these trips. Not that I want my girl to go to school, but when she does, well, one of the pros is definitely field trips!

Jill :)

Laura L. said...

These are great photos. Looks like they had so much fun. Fall days and pumpkin gathering are the best!
Keep your eye on the little girl in the pink coat. LOL!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Looks like a great time...I agree, I am loving this fall weather we have been lucky to get. We are getting snow tomorrow so hope it heads north and not to you guys!

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