Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday's Finds

Well I don't know about y'all but I've just about had it with it still being Winter.
Recently I've been cleaning out cupboards, closets and going through Summer clothes that my kids wore last year. Both Grace and Will have had huge growth spurts. Will cannot fit into any of his last year's Summer clothes. He's gone from a size 2t last year, briefly stayed in a 3T this Fall and Winter and I'm buying him 4T for Spring/Summer. Grace can fit into some things, but not nearly as many as I thought she could.
I've been getting ready for Spring/Summer for them. I'm sending a large box of outgrown clothes to Will's foster home in China
and it feels great to help the family and children we've come to know and love.
Anyway, today's Friday's Finds are some of my recent purchases for Spring/Summer for Grace and William.

Yesterday I bought both of these adorable pairs of shoes at Target for Will.

The above little brown canvas sneakers, you can find here.

And the above 'flame' little boy Converse are all William. When we first met him in China, Will had a pair of shoes that were similar with the flames on the side. Will called them his 'Lightning shoes.' Lighting as in 'Lightning McQueen' in the movie Cars. When he outgrew them it broke my heart but these are a close match. Will LOVES them already. Also found at Target, here.

These 2 new tees for Will, with the dragon and tiger were found at the Tea Collection.

Tea clothes are all 100% cotton, extremely well made and very soft. They do many Asian inspired collections which I love and right now have a Korean inspired one, which I'm crazy about.

And the below beautiful dress(the Anapji Pond Print Dress) is for Grace, also from the Tea Collection. I don't work for the company, just happen to love their clothes. ;)


Well with my recent trip to Target, I couldn't come home without something for Grace. I found these cute white sandals. She's gone up a size in shoes, I brought these home for her to try on. They are true to size and she loved the flower with the faux diamond on them! These are very Grace.

Our Gracie girl is a swimmer, and she has been swimming every week for the last 3 years. Though she has other basic suits to swim in the pool, we bought these 2 new cute ones recently. She picked them out herself.

The above leopard tank with ruffle one was found at CWD Kids. It's made by Flapdoodles.

And finally another suit that she chose is the above one by Kate Mack Swimwear at A Child's Closet. It's a gorgeous antique washed coral print bikini. Grace also talked me into the pair of matching flip flops. A Child's Closet is a great online boutique brand store. I highly recommend it. I shop from all kinds of places for my kids, from Target to mid priced and boutique children's stores. You can find cute clothes and shoes for kids everywhere.

Let me know if you have a great website or store you love for children's clothing and shoes. Oh, I also buy clothes off ebay for my kids from time to time and have had great experiences with it!

Happy Friday!

***And please hop over to Colleen's blog to see her Friday's Finds. :)

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Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Looking at all these cute clothes and shoes is making me wish that summer were already here..... Instead we are bundling up in many layers:(

Such adorable finds.... cannot wait to see the kids wearing their new things!!

Happy Friday:)



Colleen said...

My husband would like to tell you "Way to go Gail" (add sarcasm). I absolutely love the bathingsuits...the one from a childs closet is one I have been thinking about ordering for Addison...the colors are gorgeous!!!!! And tell Miss G. Auntie C is loving the leopard...we can hussy it up together this summer (does it come in my size?). Yesterday I was at Target and bought the cutest and I mean cutest t-shirt for Addison...but it was toddler size. I saw those converse last night at Target and about fell over..wishing they made them in pink for Addison...but I missed the sandals..oh damn, means I have to go back Way to Go Gail!!! : P

Jboo said...

Great finds Gail! Love them! I will definitely be checking those out. We are so sick of winter too! More snow here this morning!! :(

Hope you have a great weekend!


Wanda said...

Fabulous finds Gail. We don't have a Targets here but it makes me want to get in the car and drive the 1 hour over the border.

I LOVE that sweet bathing suit. Very cool!!!!

Thanks for sharing.

redmaryjanes said...

Beautiful clothes! I love the lightening shoes, I think there may be a pair of those in Eli's future.

Steffie B. said...

Darling stuff.....I just got the Tea collection catalog....there stuff is adorable....with Spring around the corner....let the shopping begin! ;)


Robin said...

how crazy cute is this stuff ... I can't wait for warmer weather! Love the Korea find ... I am going to bookmark that page :)

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Cute, cute clothes!!!

I love that Tea stuff, we dont have any but my son would love that shirt!! He is all about dragons!! Thanks for sharing.

Missy said...

Oh, I just love those adorable t's for Will! I so wish I had a little boy...I just love em' and their spunk! Grace will look adorable in her new swim suits. Gotta love a Kate Mack suit :) Great finds!

Dita said...

These are all fantastic, Gail. I can just see both W&G in all of these.

I can tell by the looks of things that you REALLY are ready for Spring/Summer!

Sweetie has a leopard one arm off the shoulder bathing suit from CDW kids with a big pink flower on the shoulder and she LOVES it...luckily it still fits her for summer...
Love the sandals for Grace and the tees for William and the sneakers too!

Soon, Gail.......soon winter will be over!

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