Thursday, September 24, 2009

teeth and pumpkins?

Yeah...I know you might wonder what is up with the odd or 'interesting' title of this post but I couldn't think up a cute or catchy one. It does kind of sum up our week and not that they are even remotely related.

We have had a lot of 'tooth stuff' going on around here. First miss Grace has lost her very first tooth and that was reason for us to celebrate since she's wanted badly to lose one for about 6 months and it finally happened 2 nights ago. This girl was so excited and we are too, she informed me this morning that the best part was that she can now spit water out between her bottom teeth. Oh to be 7 and enjoy such simple pleasures! The other tooth or rather teeth event was with Will because he had 4 deep cavities filled...he did well with the procedure and we are very happy it's over for him (and us)!


Now here's the hard part for me...I have no clever segue way into the pumpkin part of this post, so I guess I'll just jump right in and say here's the rest of the pumpkin pictures from Tuesday that I didn't get around to posting until now. Oh well, better late than never. Enjoy, you can see they both had a lot of fun by their expressions. We are hoping to go apple picking sometime soon if the weather cooperates.

Have a wonderful weekend! Hope yours is relaxing and fun.

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Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the pumpkin photos..
YEA for Grace... she is sooooo BEAUTIFUL..

Kayce said...

I remember when Jacob lost his first tooth! He was so proud!!! Grace looks so dang happy in that picture! Love the pumpkin shots!!

Tonya Miller and Casey Tarpy said...

So glad Will is doing alright from the procedure. Em just had 10 done... yep. TEN! It was so sad.

Congrats to Miss Grace for her first tooth!! And for being able to spit water. :)

Love the photos!!

Casey said...

Arg! Sorry... signed in as Roses and Rhubarbs in the last post!

Super Mommy said...

Grace is a girl after my own heart! I had a gap in my teeth (before braces) and loves to spit water through the opening!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

The first tooth is such a big milestone....Grace looks so excited about it!! Tell her to enjoy spitting water through the hole while she can.....that tooth will be coming in soon:)

What fun at the pumpkin patch.....if I am feeling up to it, we might head out this Sunday.

Hope you get to the apple orchard:)


Jboo said...

How exciting for Grace to lose that first tooth!! Somehow Maddy missed the lesson of spitting water through the space! :) Good for brave Will -- we've had cavities filled and a crown already -yikes!

Love your pumpkin photos -- so colorful. Have a great weekend!

Dita said...

love the pumpkin pictures...the kids look like they are having a BLAST!

As for the teeth...boy are you lucky that Will was good. I can't imagine filling 4 of WonderBoy's teeth. He has a fit at his CLEANINGS!

So happy for Miss of her very first rites of passage!

kerri said...

I love the fall, the colors are so beautiful for photos!
How wonderful for Grace, losing her first tooth.

Kristy said...

Beautiful faces......

Love and blessings, Kristy

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