Monday, June 8, 2009

getting the shot

So to me photographing children is kind of like as Dan says, "herding cats." They definitely have a mind of their own on what they'd like to do. I'm patient and we keep it fun, giving them a little direction and some control of what they'd like also. Yesterday Grace had a fancy tea party /birthday party she was attending and was all dressed up. Of course I thought it might be an opportunity to take some pics. I just wanted to show you a little bit of the progression of what we go through to get an okay image. Like I said this is just a little part. I read some stat a while ago and I hope it's correct...'that for every 30 pictures you take, you may get 1 decent one.' I know with myself I can take 100 and get 1 good one or 15.

The above image is SOOC(straight out of the camera with no cropping or editing), I thought her expression was okay.

Above, she's telling me what she thinks of this entire thing...

And here is the one I loved...the expression and pose after cropping and editing a little in Lightroom. I used Debbie's(Pixel Fairy Princess) Seasons presets for this and tweaked it to my taste.

The above one is again SOOC and I wanted her to lie down so I could attempt a headshot, nice face...huh? It's kinda cute I think. ;)

This is the image I ended up with and was very happy with the end result. Edited in Lightroom with minimal cropping. If I can do this, anyone can. Have fun taking's summertime!

15 kind words:

The Morris Family said...

Simply stunning images of your Grace, Gail! Love the last one best!
Thanks for sharing- and no, not everyone can capture the moment like you! But thanks for inspiring anyway... ;)

Courtney said...

I couldn't agree with you more on getting that right shot. I took 150 pictures at the zoo the other day and got 50 decent ones. Love the pics you took, they look great!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Grace is soooooooo BEAUTIFUL..
I can't get over how she doesn't have to do anything , she can have any look on her face and she is beautiful... simply beautiful..
Love it ..
Love the beanie also.. but that is second....
You are doing a wonderful job..

Marla said...

Wow, Gail, you're getting GOOD! I love all of these. Great job!!!!

redmaryjanes said...

Well, I tell you that you are really taking some great shots! She is such a natural beauty.

Jboo said...

Wow Gail -- beautiful!! She is such a cutie! Love that smirky face too!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

She is stunning....I think you get so many beautiful shots of her. She just seems like she is so photogenic. She also appears to carry herself very well......this is going to sound strange, but when I look at her pictures, I always think of Grace and Elegance......she is living up to her name!!

Hope you had a great bday party tonight!

Have a piece of cake for me!


Colleen said...

Wow! These really are stunning! You did such a fantastic job! Grace is so lovely!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

are you sure it is summertime? It is really chilly up hear!

What can I say? these are just stunning. You done good Gail.


Anonymous said...

Not true. you have a gift we do not all have :)! LOVELY work!

Casey said...

They are all beautiful... I need to learn how to use photoshop or lightroom. So lovely.

Kayce said...

Great pictures! I love the herding cats! That is SO true! You've got one beautiful subject.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Thank you for this! I just took over 200 photos at the Tongginator's dress rehearsal for her ballet recital. I got maybe one or two good shots. It didn't help that they used pink gels on all of the lights. Your post lifted my spirits and encouraged me greatly.

Dita said...


These images of Grace are fantastic! It that is your SOOC shots you're doing FAB....your lighting was really good.

You know Grace takes my breath away every time I see her, don't you?

TMZ said...

Hello! Your post and your photos are very inspiring! Thanks for sharing them! Tanya

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