Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas eve and day...and taking a break

Miss Grace on Christmas eve.

Christmas Eve. Our grown son Nick reading a book to Will, Grace opening a gift and me with my 2 littles.

William on Christmas day waiting for Grandma and Grandpa and his Uncle Phil to arrive.

Some pics of our Christmas morning and day, Will's first look at his train table, Grace with her 2 new dolls, Grace and Will playing with his racetrack and Will blowing out the candles on his birthday cake.

And silly boy William this morning with a bowl on his head!

Christmas eve we went to an early church service and after that we celebrated in the Swedish tradition(since I'm half Swedish) of opening some gifts on Christmas eve. This one was very special to me because it was just us...Dan and I and our 3 children. I really felt like the best gift for me was seeing my 2 young children playing happily with their big brother Nick.
Grace woke up at 7:00am wanting to see what Santa had brought and William woke up shortly after that. The look on William's face was precious and of absolute surprise...when he saw that Santa had brought him a train table and train set, he looked upward and said, "Thank you Santa!" His thank you was so genuine and sweet. Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Phil came over for the day so there were more gifts exchanged. Dan and I made a huge Christmas dinner which I'll brag a little and say was quite a success. William found another best bud with his Uncle Phil (my youngest brother) who's a kid at heart. Later in the afternoon we celebrated Will's 3rd birthday with a cake.
Now as I write this on the day after Christmas it's almost hard to believe that it's come and gone, my house looks like an explosion of toys and we have cookies and cake and food to last weeks I think. LOL. Later today we leave for a trip to stay in downtown Chicago for a few days to see the decorated store windows of Macy's(former Marshall Field's), go to the Museum of Science and Industry, check out the American Girl store with Grace and visit some dear friends. I hope your Christmas was beautiful and very special...I'll be back next week. :)

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Ashley said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip to Chicago. It sounds like the perfect way to end your very special Christmas. Loved the photos!
Happy Birthday to Will!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the pictures..
Looks like the kids had a WONDERFUL Christmas..
Safe travels and have fun in Chicago..
Hugs girly...

Gail said...

The pictures are wonderful!
Love their Christmas outfits.
Sounds like you had a busy and fun Christmas.

Enjoy your time in Chicago!

Jill said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas! I love the first piture of Grace and the one of Will alone. The pic of his big brother reading to him was to die for!
Hope you have safe travels to Chicago. Columbus is suppossed to be in th high 60's if you want to come lay out tomorrow! LOL!
Have fun! Jill

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Your Christmas looked picture perfect.....the pictures are beautiful!!

Have a wonderful travels!

Happy Holidays!


Story of our Life said...

Under all that cuteness I still see SUPERMAN!! LOL.

Gail - you are so blessed and I loved seeing your darling children and their sweet faces!!

Hope your trip to Chicago goes well. :) Love, Gala

Jennifer said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Happy Birthday Will! You're pictures are amazing. Have fun at the American girl store :)

Sharon said...

I love his little outfit!! I think Barrington had a very simular one at that age!! It just hits me somehow!

Looks like a lovely Christmas! Lovely family!!!

OH MY #6 said...

OK, first off, I love your outfit. U look absolutely stunning.

The kids look happy especially Miss. Grace with her Molly doll.

I sure miss you right now but I hope, I hope, I hope, you are having the BEST time and getting rest.


ADELE said...

Beautiful pictures. Mallory has this dress also and we just love it. It looks beautiful on your daughter as well. Love your blog.

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